Lista PS1

Aqui você vê em ordem alfabética todos os jogos para Android que temos no site.

0 ao 9
007 The World Is Not Enough (PS1) 2000
007 Tomorrow Never Dies (PS1)

Letra A
Alone In The Dark Collection (PS1)
Alundra 1 e 2 (PS1)
Ape Escape (PS1) 1999
Army Men Collection 12 JOGOS (PS1)

Letra B
Batman & Robin (PS1) 1998
Beyblade (PS1)
Bomberman Collection (PS1)
Bushido Blade (PS1) 1998

Letra C
Captain Tsubasa J: Get In The Tomorrow (PS1) 1995
Castlevania Symphony Of The Night (PS1) 1997
Chrono Cross (PS1) 1999
Command & Conquer Collection (PS1)
Crash Bandicoot Collection 5 JOGOS (PS1)
Crash Team Racing (PS1)

Letra D
Diablo (PS1) 1998
Die Hard Trilogy e Die Hard Trilogy 2 (PS1)
Dino Crisis 1 e Dino Crisis 2 (PS1)
Dino Crisis 2 (PS1) 2000
Driver 2 (PS1) 2001
Duke Nukem Collection (PS1)

Letra E
Ehrgeiz God Bless the Ring (PS1) 1999

Letra F
Fighting Force 1 e 2 (PS1)
Final Fantasy VII (PS1) 1997
Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) 1998

Letra G
Gex Collection (PS1)
Gran Turismo 2 (PS1) 1999
Grand Theft Auto 1 (PS1) 1998
Grand Theft Auto 2 (PS1) 1999

Letra H
Harvest Moon Back To Nature (PS1)
Herc's Adventures (PS1) 1997
Hot Shots Golf 2 (PS1)

Letra J
Jackie Chan Stuntmaster (PS1)
Jet Moto (PS1) 1996

Letra K
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (PS1) 1997

Letra L
Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver (PS1) 1999

Letra M
Marvel Collection (PS1)
Medal Of Honor (PS1) 1999
Medal Of Honor Underground (PS1) 2000
MediEvil 2 (PS1) 2000
Metal Gear Solid (PS1) 1998
Metal Slug X (PS1) 2001
Micro Machines V3 (PS1) 1998
Mission: Impossible (PS1) 1998
Mort the Chicken (PS1) 2000
Mortal Kombat Mythologies Sub-Zero (PS1) 1997
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS1) 1996
Motorhead (PS1) 1998

Letra N
Namco Museum Collection (PS1)
Need For Speed Collection (PS1) 4 Jogos
Nightmare Creatures II (PS1) 2000
Nuclear Strike (PS1)

Letra O
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (PS1) 1997

Letra P
Pandemonium 2 (PS1) 1997
Parasite Eve 1 e 2 (PS1)
Parodius (PS1) 1991

Letra Q
Quake 2 (PS1) 1997

Letra R
Resident Evil 1 (PS1) 1996
Resident Evil 2 (PS1) 1998
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS1) 1999
Ridge Racer (PS1) 1994
Road Rash (PS1) 1996

Letra S
Silent Hill 1 (PS1) 1999
Small Soldiers (PS1) 1998
South Park Collection (PS1)
Spider-Man 1 e 2 (PS1)
Spyro The Dragon 2 (PS1) 1999
Street Fighter Alpha Collection (PS1)

Letra T
Tekken 2 (PS1) 1996
Tekken 3 (PS1) 1998
Tenchu 1: Stealth Assassins e Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins (PS1)
The Legend of Dragoon (PS1) 1999
The Simpsons Wrestling (PS1) 2001
Thrill Kill (PS1) 1998
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Collection (PS1)
Tomb Raider 1 (PS1) 1996
Tomb Raider 2 (PS1) 1997
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures of Lara Croft (PS1) 1998
Tomb Raider 5: Chronicles (PS1) 2000
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 (PS1) 2000
Twisted Metal 2 (PS1) 1996
Twisted Metal 3 (PS1) 1998
Twisted Metal 4 (PS1) 1999

Letra V
Valkyrie Profile (PS1)
Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense (PS1) 1999

Letra W
Wild 9 (PS1) 1998
Winning Eleven 2002 (PS1)
Winning Eleven 4 (PS1)
WWF SmackDown 1 e 2 (PS1)

Letra X
X-COM: UFO Defense (PS1)

Letra Y
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories (PS1)



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